Every single person that is alive has had at least one encounter with another human being. That’s just how life is. You can’t escape that! But here’s the thing : Evil is increasing in this world, but good is increasing even more.

“There is NO FUTURE in evil, ONLY IN GOOD!”

You can save someone from dying just by doing one simple thing. — Do Not Let fear Take Your Destiny. Do not give up!

There is a world out there dying and it’s not okay for any believer to sit still and do nothing. It’s not enough to just pray in silence anymore. It’s super unfair to rob the good news by being passive about it. It’s super unfair to not tell people about the gospel because you are scared about what they will think. The world needs the good news NOW and you might be the only one that can tell a specific person! Do it today, while you still can! It’s vitally important!

Be a living example. Love all people. Stop hating things you don’t even know the reason for hating it. Just love. Who told you that it’s okay to not love someone because they don’t look like you? Who told you it’s okay to take revenge on someone? Who told you it’s okay to keep quiet about the good news? Who told you these things?

Love the person in front of you. Start loving people for a living. Love covers a multitude of sin. [1 Peter 4:8] Therefore love is a super strong force that NO one could reject. Even the most hardened heart cannot resist love. It doesn’t mean that you will always receive love in return, but loving is the language of the heart!

Love is simply this.

– Love loves to love and the reward of love is love.

If you’re a writer, START writing! Nobody on this planet can say something like you can. They can say something similar, but it will never be exactly the same! The world needs to hear your story. Start being honest! Start being authentic! Start bringing hope to a world who desperately needs it! Stop writing about things that will bring death! Speak life! Write life! Write hope! SHARE HOPE; Without hope people perish.

If you are a musician, don’t give up. You may sing or play a melody that would stop someone from committing suicide. Find your song and sing it as loud as possible, Even when it annoys people. ┬áMusic usually annoys people when it speaks to them or when it’s really bad, But you cannot write bad music if it’s bringing hope,love or points to Jesus! And even secular music can do that. So if you’re not into the whole gospel music genre, it’s okay! You are touching other people by bringing hope and life through your music!

Here’s a simple question. Who told you to stop?

Don’t give up!

Recently I met a girl who told me she was about to give up on music ,because of what people said to her. I mean how ridiculous is that![BUT we all feel that way sometimes] It’s because we let the voice of fear become louder than God’s voice. When we let fear or doubt overrule God’s word, we simply feel miserable and not good enough, this is totally STUPID!

Because of this reason it’s not okay to simply sit on the sideline and look from a distance. The dying world needs your voice! It needs your songs! It needs your books! It needs your poetry! It needs your dancing! It needs your cooking! It needs your love! DON’T GIVE UP ON THE THINGS YOU LOVE BECAUSE SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING!

Wouldn’t it be cool if we would stop competing for acceptance, because we know that we cannot fail today?

Well you could do exactly that! You are accepted! You cannot fail Today, because Jesus paid the price! He wears the victor’s crown! You’ve got full victory and you need to share it with someone!

We need to wipe out fear, because it’s robbing to many people from their dreams and destinies. Not just does fear paralyze you, but it fills your head with doubt! Most of the time you are doing the right thing! You have the best idea! You are hitting it right on the spot, but doubt stops you from going any further. LOVE WILL OBLITERATE ANY FEAR! – Start tapping into that! Love the person in front of you and love them well!


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