Have you ever dropped your phone in the water, or someone did something with your phone and now it’s all wet and soaked?

Iphone’s are quite an expensive item and it’s really bad when something like this happens.

BUT there is hope!

Here is what you should do when this happened to you!

1. Turn off the phone immediately.

2. Try to get as much as possible liquid removed from the exterior of the phone.

3. You know those small Silica bags you get in pill holders and shoe boxes? Don’t throw all of them away, they are the best        at quickly absorbing the water.

4. Put your phone in a bowl with these small silica bags and covered with rice.

5. Do NOT use a hairdryer on the phone.

6. Leave the phone there for at least two days. [48 hours]

7. Now try to turn the phone on, if there is still water drops in the screen,put it back for another day, or until you don’t see         anything anymore.

8. If it doesn’t work, you have to take the phone in to get fixed.

You can still use the phone even when the on and off button doesn’t work.

-Use the charger to turn the phone on.

-Put the phone in airplane/sleep mode.

-Press the home button three times to open the lock screen menu.

You can just buy a new phone, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

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