I was laying in my bed around 8:25 am. I was thinking about which movie I wanted to watch right in that moment. That was my plan on the cold June morning. The air was crisp and it was the perfect weather to just remain in bed and watch movies all day long.  You could also smell the fresh coffee with a perfect bold and creamy taste in the air. Finances was far from my mind.

Randomly my thoughts got interrupted and in a moment I heard God say, who told you it’s wrong to have a lot of money? (I was probably subconsciously thinking about money as well, or maybe God just wanted to speak to me about it there and then.) Somebody has to feed my sheep. Somebody has to fund my evangelist, my missionary, my appointed ones. Someone needs to care for those who can’t care for themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with having money. Don’t fall into a religious mindset saying you have to be poor to go into the Kingdom. You have to be obedient, not necessarily poor. He said, “Babygirl I’m raising up people that will use money to create wealth instead of riches.”

First off, let’s agree to disagree. I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave comments and ideas.

Here are some core values of mine when it comes to finances:

1. Money is just pieces of paper and it doesn’t get to control my life. This doesn’t mean I will never worry about money, but it does mean that I deal with the worry and anxiety and it doesn’t rule me. It means I know what to do with the worry if it comes.

2. Fight for the ones you love and for the ones who cannot fight for themselves. (This one is incredibly dear to my heart.)

3. Good stewardship creates healthy habits, and with healthy habits, a relationship with a Living God and good stewardship, you create an eco-system and you set yourself up to be entrusted to get a promotion in finances, whether it’s through a miracle, a physical promotion or inheritance. You will know how to use money wise, because of faithfulness.

4. Everyone needs help in seasons. Be okay to ask for help when you need it, BUT when in abundance don’t ever hesitate to give generously. Also you don’t have to publicly announce that you’re giving. Just do it.

5. Generosity whether you have a lot or whether not, always attracts blessing or increase. Remain faithful and sow into the kingdom with a joyful heart.

6. Sow into people you believe in. You will receive eternal rewards.

7. Don’t ever not follow your dreams because of finances. Believe, pray and go!

8. Be wise with your money, don’t think you know it all. If you’re unsure, ASK! Don’t just waste your money on things.

9. In business ALWAYS have a heart of people over profit and you will be successful. Connection is a kingdom currency.

10. You are never in lack, no matter how you feel or what things look like. If you have a relationship with the living God, you have an endless amount of resources. God loves blessing his children through people, but he can also make money appear out of no where. Christ in you the hope of glory.

11. Always, always, always be thankful in every situation, whether that is in need or in abundance. Thankfulness is good stewardship!

Thank you Father for meeting all of my financial needs so that I may have more than enough to sow into the Kingdom of God and promote the gospel of Jesus, Hallelujah!

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