Two right answers: what to do?

Sometimes we hear a little whisper and sometimes it’s just a feeling, but almost always we know what is wrong from right. The problem to me doesn’t exist between knowing wrong from right; the problem exists when I have two rights.

The Lord works in weird ways, but like my friend told me the other day it’s just because He knows all of us just that well. For example; let’s say I want to watch a specific movie, and there’s really actually nothing wrong with the movie (it’s a good movie, one that you will probably watch with your kids 😉  ), but the Lord tells me that I shouldn’t watch it. What do I do?

You see in the past I would try to use my logical brain and argue it out until I won, but in reality I never won. When I look back to the past I realize that the only place I ever won was in my head. You cannot argue with The Creator of the heart that’s in you and think you will win.

He is God and He can do anything, because He is sovereign. He is majestic. He is the creator of life. He is a Father. He wants the best for us; His children.

Now when the Lord tells me to not watch something,I don’t , even if I really want to. I know that He just wants the best for me and if that means I have to sacrifice something in order to get something better I will do that.

So back to the question; what do you do when you have two rights?

Not too long ago I was placed in a situation where I had to choose between two really good things and it turned out that I chose the wrong thing, because I was probably just not listening. I got super disappointed and without even realizing it I started partnering with the accuser and put God on trial.

“Why God?”, “I thought You wanted the best for me!”, “Why are you dropping Your sovereignty ball?”, “Why, Why, WHY?”. Does any of that sound remotely like your famous last words when you feel disappointed?

It’s called putting God on trial and it exists because we don’t know the nature of our Father.

When you have two rights, you have the opportunity to miss it or you can be spot on. In both these occations you have the opportunity to learn or grow, so it’s okay if you mess it up. God’s not mad at you.

Sometimes praying about your choice is all you have to do for you to know the answer, but sometimes it’s just not that easy. I guess we all want the answer to pop out of the sky or magically appear on a note that drops from the ceiling while we are doing our daily chores. It doesn’t work like that (although I don’t denounce the fact that God can do that, like I said He is God, He can do anything).

Not everything that is right is right for you, so we need to know the Father’s heart in everyday life. I think when I get to give someone advice on this topic, it would probably be; spend time getting to know Father and His nature. By doing this you will do everything out of relationship and it will be okay if you mix it up sometimes, because you will know how to fix it. It’s pretty profound right?

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