Before you think I’m crazy, here me out on this…

What do you do when your feet stink? You would probably wash them right? I mean you could try and mask the smell by using feet powder, but eventually the smell will sting.

So what if I tell you that your attitude problem and a stinky feet problem can basically be cured by the same solution? You would think I’m crazy, but actually I’m not.

We usually experience an attitude problem in our self’s, our employees, our friends or even a random stranger. Attitude problems usually come from pride. When pride takes over you are likely to think to much of yourself and thus you will act that way. It can also be completely unrelated to pride. Most of the time pride and fear walk hand-in-hand with a bad attitude.

I know a lot of people would say that your attitude starts with you and that is 100% true. It is something you do inside yourself and you choose it. BUT here is a quick tip on how to break the pride so that you can actually make the choice to have a better attitude, because how can you change your attitude if you don’t even want to admit that you have a problem?

Pride breaks when humility steps in and says NO MORE. Washing your own feet ( And I don’t mean like a quick bath. This is an actual foot bath with the whole package included.) , your employees feet or even your bosses feet can do something insane for you. It will break your pride completely. Even Jesus washed his disciples feet. It is one of the most humbling things you can do and it will change your attitude.

If you don’t believe me, Test it for yourself; I DARE YOU to go and wash your feet.

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