Have you ever stared into someone’s eyes for so long that you start breathing the same? (and yeah I mean like on a date too) Without stating the obvious it is quite likely that couples would do that right?

So here’s the thing..
We all have a yearning in our hearts to belong somewhere, to someone or just to belong. Life is busy and we don’t always look around and realize that, that is a mutual thing that everyone is seeking.

So I’d like to suggest something!
A friend or actually a “frequent” once told me that they just choose to love someone before that person arrives. It makes you stop, think and stare…

How does that work? Well it’s kinda easy, you love every stranger you meet.

Is it easy? Yes and no… Yes, because it’s easy to choose to love! No, because sometimes we don’t like everyone.
That’s okay!

It’s all about the belonging! By loving someone you feel that you have a sense of purpose and they feel that they belong somewhere!

I think it’s more about giving than receiving, really! All of life is the belonging! You never just belong to one person!

Also you don’t really choose to feel to belong, it just kinda happens! To be honest, I don’t think anyone really knows how it happens…

Btw I don’t like structure. I just like to say it as it is!

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