We live in a world where slavery is supposed to be unacceptable, right? When William Wilberforce died in 1833, he died with the peace of knowing he did it. He finally abolished the mindset that slavery is noble and good. To the average 21st century individual, it sounds a little strange that anyone could think slavery is noble. However in the days of young Wilberforce nobody thought a slave-free world could exist, because the norm was that slavery was noble, and definitely not a bad thing. Sex-slavery has pretty much been around since mankind, but nobody in their right mind would tell you that it’s acceptable.

It's sad how sex-slavery is unacceptable until it is put on the internet. Yeah, you heard me right, I am referring to internet porn.

Modern day sex-slavery can most commonly be seen in the form of pornography. Many people can argue that they didn’t know that, so here’s the thing, the porn industry funds sex-slavery. I didn’t know that until I researched it. My heart is one hundred percent to fight for those who don’t have voice in this. You cannot read this article and pretend,  that’s not the reality, any longer.

I have heard many stories over the last few years, some of these from actual victims or  researchers, some from abolitionists, and some through my own curiosity.  Nobody chooses to get trapped into this perverted cycle and what you see on a screen has been manipulated and should be referred to as hyper-sexuality.

The other really interesting thing is that sex-slavery differs from location to location. Many victims in the US don’t even believe they are being trafficked, however they usually know they are being abused. I think it’s fair to say that if you’ve never been there yourself, you really don’t know how hard it is to get away. It’s brutal and it’s honestly not a story that anyone would want to be listening to.

So, How exactly does this cycle of sex-slavery perpetuate itself?

Well, firstly they start by getting kids who can’t defend themselves hooked on pornography at an early age. The other problem that goes with this is that sexuality in our society is either shamed or not protected at all. This means that kids at a young age feel shame, and rather than talking about it, hides it, which creates a cycle of feeling trapped and further fueling the problem. On the other extreme, sex becomes the go to for coping with life and dealing with pain, therefore not being protected or sacred at all.

The things you play with as a teenager, as an adult will play with you.

People get so sucked into this cycle, that relationships crumble and households get torn apart. BUT that’s plan right? This is what the enemy wants. [John 8:44] The enemy is a liar. He wants to kill and destroy all things. He wants divorce or distrust, and he is definitely into you becoming addicted to your worst nightmare.

Women and men get lured into this industry through different means. They become targets of hurt and broken people’s fantasies, who have no value for the human life. Pornlords really aren’t the enemy when you look at it from perspective. They are human beings who have no idea who they are, people who have no clue what God sees inside of them. Human beings who have no idea how significant they are. Unfortunately they agree with the enemy and perpetuate the cycle.

The thing is you don’t just have to go onto the internet to see porn. It’s everywhere. This is why it’s so easy for it to take people captive, especially if they’re already insecure. They’ll try anything to fill the hole of pain and emptiness inside of them. So this is another reason the cycle keeps going, people don’t know how to deal with pain.

When our heads are already filled with doubt, self-pity, fear, addiction and so forth, it’s incredibly easy for the enemy to wreck havoc. So the liar comes to kill, but he’s using a different skill. Tells you, “you’re not good enough”, but he doesn’t just leave it at that, he questions your authority. He questions your perseverance and self-control, while he also questions your belief in God. He is able to hide this whole issue and make it seem super insignificant.

So what can you do about sex-slavery?

  1. If you are watching porn, break that cycle! Find help! Do not let it just become a passive thing that goes on to the next generation.
  2. Be a voice for those who don’t have the voice. Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Children can’t defend themselves, neither can women or men who end up becoming victims.
  3. Pray for the heart of mankind to learn what God is speaking over them, to learn their value, purpose and significance.
  4. Tell a friend! Start talking about everyday problems. Think of ways you can impact your friend groups, community or even the world regarding this.
  5. Get the word out. Do not stay silent.
  6. Educate yourself, your children and whoever will listen.
  7. Don’t give up!!!

This really is not a hopeless battle. I’ve seen an incredible willingness in the lives of friends and others to start standing up against this injustice.

We have to become a people who are not afraid to speak up about things like sexuality, pornography, masturbation and healthy/ unhealthy relationships. These are the things of our generation that the world are deeming good and noble. This is simply not true and I believe whole heartedly that we can abolish the mindset that this is okay or normal, just like William Wilberforce did 2 and a half centuries ago.

"There is no future in evil only in good." - Philip Yancey


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