A while ago I had to start really focusing on my health after some discouraging doctor’s appointments. I’m not going into the details of it really, but health is a necessity. Not just based on medical reasons, but from every single perspective, health is important. I started looking for recipes to fit my new eating habits and found there’s 100’s and 1000’s of them on Pinterest and wherever else, but I never really consider having my own section of recipes on a blog. I did however love to post my breakfast, dinner and lunch pictures on Facebook and Instagram. People started sending me messages and comments for recipes, and I thought that was kind of cool.

I really actually should thank Hope Garcia for encouraging me to have a food-blog. Most of my recipes are gluten-free and refined sugar-free. They can also be adapted to be dairy-free, but I love dairy, so I’ll just add notes for the intolerants. 🙂

I think it’s important that you know that I do make up a lot of my recipes and others are adapted versions, things I love or just interesting experiments. I want you to know that you should totally feel free to experiment and create your own recipes. It’s all about a love for food. We cook for our families, friends and maybe even for strangers on a regular basis, but do we ever consider making a list of what we can or can’t cook and then improve it? I challenge you to do so!

I do want to add the date to this post, so that I can always remember the day that my food journey, vulnerable or not, became public.

All my love,


June 27, 2016

Glorious Winterberry Pie






Beef Stroganoff with Sweet Cauli-Mash




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