A lot has been stolen from many over the last few years, but The Great Poet of time does not have deaf ears. He has promised mercy and justice, yet He shows no injustice. He is the creator of poetry, the creator of you and me.

Refusing to leave us in our decapitating heart subsidence, His kindness will lead all to repentance. In His story our moments are never just the end of the sentence, it’s always the beginning of reminiscence.

He smiles and promises to restore, all that’s lost, stolen or in uproar. He teaches our feet to dance on disappointment, and it creates a divine appointment. You see He’s been the great dancer all along, leaving our hearts feeling like we belong.

I firmly believe we are alive, because of His loud singing, bringing more than just words into being. Twirls and delight, is what made Him put up the fight. His justice will forevermore be seen, and it will end in a crescendo Beguine.


(05′ 08′ 17)


Words fail me, when I think about the day that my heart will choose you. I’ve wondered about you, tried to pin a face or a name to you, yet I have found no clue.

Many a days I’ve fought battles just to agree with the idea of a future one. I promise you I’ll be kind to you when you’re homespun. I promise to never go back on my promise, so here’s your preface.

You were made to change the world, I can feel it inside my bones, yet I can’t wait until our hearts tune to harmonic tones. I promise I’ll be brave when you come, even if my tongue at first twirls dumb.

Dear future One, I’m pretty much undone. I know you’re worth the fight, so I promise I’ll keep Him in sight. Though years of fears and tears have stung my soul, my love has not grown cold. In fact my heart will only grow more bold.

So one last thing. For the sake of you and for the sake of me, will you become all you were made to be. I promise to do the same – until we gain the same last name.


(04′ 08′ 17)

| a Rhythmic Solution |

Many a days, I think about you and I’m amazed at your wonder, wisdom and wit. Walking with you has never ever disappointed one bit. So here’s a rhythmic solution to the ascription.

From hand to foot, who you are cannot simply be put. With poise and elegance you create movements that’ll set the captives free. And with your heart and head in line you’ll call others out into who God made them to be.

You’ve overcome self-doubt and fear and you get to love from a new place my dear. I’ve watched you from afar and up close, and you always look in the face of life’s arrows. To say I’m proud is an understatement, so please understand my amusement.

For the sake of you, and for the sake of me, for the sake of the Holy and the beloved, will you tune into your heart and pull out a work of art. Will you reach into your prophetic destiny, and watch the enemy bow to its knee.

One last thing, the world needs you to be you. That’s the only way some will ever walk in breakthrough. You carry something massive, something that’ll change many’s perspective. All of heaven is celebrating you now, so here’s to you dear sweet one, may you finish with a great bow.


(04′ 08′ 17)


Once a mother to be, now fully embracing the primary call. You see it was your destiny, even before the fall. Genesis oh Genesis, you breathed and there was life, perfectly personified in you as a wife.

Tired nights, long weeks and showerless days, are all worth endless kisses, silent moments and glorious praise. Kindling a little ones heart, is more than just an art. Hearing his voice, way more than just a choice.

But here’s to you; you the wife, you the mom, you the daughter and you the friend. There’s a new adventure just around the bend. Will you choose with your heart and see with your eyes, will your dreams reach higher than the skies.

All you are can’t be summed up in a bazillion words, yet you are still just a finite being till you see face to face. This generation is waiting for your embrace, and many will look and see, the glory of the Lord and the truth to be.

So one last thing, for the sake of the beloved, will you raise your voice and sing.


(03′ 08′ 17)


For battles are not fought for one, they carry weapons echoing the “I have won.”
Into generations, just like you and me. The victory will recommence,
for the heirs to come take heart.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, are the children born in one’s youth,
they will shoot and land in the heart of truth. They will soar and not grow weary,
for their heirs to come take heart.

When the night yells, dear little one, dear sweet one, dear one,
open your eyes and embrace the discomfort, it will soon turn into your greatest crown,
for your heirs to come be brave.

Meet me at one, and I’ll show you the One.
For the heirs to come be brave.


(02′ 08′ 17)


Oh dear sweet heaven meets earth in a collision of beauty and elegance. The sweet heart of one reaching into her soul and pulling out the same poise as Mother Theresa. Oh how she longs to change the world, to see what she’s been dreaming of for years.

See adventure is captured in the times when nothing is happening. Can clarity conform to the space of mind where uncertainty has anchored it’s claim. Can your mind create melodies yelling “look who’s dancing now”, echoing through eternity. Will you look with your eyes and see that your heart no longer sinks in disappointment?

Oh how the sweet melody and fragrance of your being, has moved through a room, silently, seemingly unnoticed, but extremely effective. Oh the beauty of your heart on full display when you step out on the water, and with a deep peace say;

“I’m not Afraid anymore.”


( 26′ 07 ’17)


As I stand on the shores of decision, not knowing or fully seeing what lies ahead. I’m anchored in the knowing that you hold my soul. The knowing that my heart is forever found in the safety of you.

As I give my mind to understanding you, my heart gently whispers, just trust Him. It’s profoundly simple to sink in deep in the knowledge of you, with all of me, when I’m rooted in love. Deep love that washes over me with loud singing.

So as I stand on this shore where my heart is torn between fear and love , will I chose with a heart of love, even if fear yells at me. Will I look straight in the face of adversity, and be brave, while courage personifies me, when all I want to do is run away.

May mercy envelop me as I stand to develop a strong heart. Shall I look upon your face and not run away. May all of me, start looking like all of you


(27′ 07′ 17)


When all you ever wanted to do was care for my heart. I definitely didn’t see it from the start. Running from you doesn’t make sense, when you’re the breath that sustains me. Yet, closeness has a price of uncomfortability. Can I get my heart to the place of choosing intimacy above running away, even when the answers convict my soul. How did it take me this long to see the beauty of you and me? From the fireside to the desert, I’ve always belonged. No matter what we’ve done, we’ve always created something.

(20′ 07′ 17)



Dear friends,

We were never created to be against each other. Never created to fight one another. We were never created to try and expose and distort each other.

Reverting back to the garden.

We were created for intimacy. We were created to help each other see the Creator, get closer to the One true God, not question each other’s religion. Christianity, Pentecostalism, Methodism, Calvinism, Baptism, Non-Denominationalism. All to see Jesus, in full glory. We were created to live with a Father, not be jealous and attacking orphans. We were created to help, support and serve one another to be close to the God head three-in-one, but instead we try and extort, exhort and break every little thing that doesn’t look like “the me.” We gossip our ways around to get ahead in the game. Can you please stop, I’m just trying to be. Trying to be fully me.

You see, you were made, made in the image of one. One who made all. All for Him. Him who died. Died for our freedom. Freedom to see. See who we were truly meant to be.

So Stop! I’m serious. Just stop to try and embarrass, shame, judge and condemn. All are called. Called to cover, be and see. Sons and daughters in covenant with the creator. Creator of the me.


(01′ 06′ 17)

© Jackie-Lee Bam 2017

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