School’s starting, new friends are being made, and life is just simply moving to fast. From crappy food to showers working differently. Everything seems to spin inside my head and I feel kind of like a pinball, busy with its rounds in the game. The truth is everything is new for me, and I don’t have to fit into anyone’s box any longer. I am overwhelmed. I need to find freedom.

So last night I was confronted by fear, shame and a sense of inability. My heart stood in direct conflict with all of those feelings. I know better than that. Jackie-Lee, you know better than to believe lies. I know better than just to give in to those very thoughts that will destroy me, but let’s be real, we all go through them right.

I was suddenly faced with a very vivid reality that I could choose to rest and trust God, or I could simply continue to feel overwhelmed by everything. It’s a constant choice. It’s not just something you choose once and then you’ll never feel overwhelmed by that thing again, but it’s something you have to step into daily. We are fearless and full of courage, but only if we rest in that truth that God himself sets up. It’s not a truth set up by man, because man is ever changing in his thoughts. God’s truth remains forever.

This new found freedom comes with heaps of responsibility though.

It’s not just a thing or feeling that you choose. It is not just the people you surround yourself with, but it’s the very choices you make daily. The very things that make you passionate, and the very thing that keeps you alive. It’s your choice, but it’s God’s work.

So I want to encourage you: If you feel overwhelmed by things, take a step back, talk to friends, but rest assure that the God of the universe sees you and He knows you…

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