Most of us know exactly what a mistake is and we also know what disobedience is. Still most of us mix these two up and sometimes even confuse the one for the other.

It’s quite easy to actually determine which one is which. Firstly lets start with a mistake. Mistakes are things that happen, most of the time unconsciously, but they can cause a lot of damage even still. When a mistake is made, it’s way easier to say sorry about it, because of the simple truth that it was not on purpose. Mistakes are not a choice. Mistakes are not things that are planned or thought about. It’s something that happens, but it always teaches us something.

Disobedience on the other hand is something completely different and in most times have quite the opposite traits. Disobedience is always a choice. You choose to be disobedient, instead of obedient. Sometimes disobedience tries to mask itself as a mistake, but you can look at your motive and think about your actions for a while or ask a friend if you’re not sure. Disobedience is planned most of the time, even if just in a few minutes. It’s also way harder to ask forgiveness, admit you’re wrong or say you’re sorry if you willingly chose disobedience. Disobedience always cause distrust between two people, and it’s way harder to rectify than a mistake.

So how do you fix a mistake or disobedience? 

  • You begin by knowing and realizing what you’ve done wrong. When you actually know and believe your behavior was wrong, then and only then will you be able to take confident responsibility for your actions.
  • When you made the choice to take responsibility for your actions, you can get free from ignorance.
  • Say you’re sorry and mean it. Ask forgiveness when you’re wrong, don’t try to justify what you’ve done. People can easily spot if you’re just saying you’re sorry and you don’t really mean it.
  • Let your actions follow your words. Change your behavior and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Get constant feedback and try to improve your relationships with the people you’ve hurt. Remember you caused the distrust, you have to fix it.
  • Don’t blame others for your behavior.
  • Look to the future with full confidence in new learned behaviors.

Keep on making good choices and you will reap the reward of them. Faithfulness and obedience always results in beautiful gifts, even if it doesn’t seem so at the moment.

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