I guess fathers, their words can cut, but they can heal.

Dear Dad,

I wonder if you’ll ever know how proud I am of you if I wasn’t ever to tell you. So here’s a shoutout to a man, a father, my dad, Peter Donald Bam! I wonder if you’ll ever know that your words have hurt (I forgive you), but your words have also healed, mostly the latter than the former. I’m proud to call you my dad. I’m grateful that you’re alive. You’re worth taking care of and being loved.

Being in school 10 000miles from home, in a small town called Redding in California definitely gives you a new perspective on life. Making that a ministry school just drives the point home. Over the past couple of months I’ve realized just how much I love my dad. I realized just how proud I am of him. I realized just how precious he is.

So dad’s in general, yes, we don’t like it when you mess with our hair. We don’t like it when you say words that hurt. We don’t like it when we’re not intentionally told we’re beautiful. It hurts when you don’t take us on father-daughter-dates. It hurts when you don’t believe in us. It hurts when you don’t show us with your actions that you love us. We definitely don’t like it when you say No. But let me tell you, there’s nothing like a dad’s voice saying, “Hey, you’re beautiful.”, “Hey do you wanna go get coffee with me?”

There’s nothing like a dad making you coffee and waking you up in the morning. There’s nothing like the heart of a father who wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to you screaming “daddy” because you’re sick. There’s absolutely nothing like walks through the neighborhood because you’re scared to walk alone. All those long walks through malls carrying our shopping bags, no wonder you’re tired. Oh, and before I forget, when that word “yes” rolls over your lips, our heart becomes jelly.

Back to you dad, I absolutely love the fact that when I look back right now I only laugh at all the silly fights we have had. Looking back some of them were over the dumbest things. Yes a lot of them hurt, but reconciliation is on it’s way. It’s here and it’s now. You know, some daughters are embarrassed about who their fathers are, but honestly I’m not. I’m so proud of you, dad. I’m serious. I love you. I need to get coffee with you sometime, whenever I get back, seriously!

Fathers are protectors. Fathers are encouragers. Fathers are identity givers. Fathers cannot be replaced. Fathers have a manly grace. Fathers carry strength. Fathers carry hope. Fathers cannot be replaced.

It’s true that words of a dad can make or break us.

Fathers we need you to speak life over us. We need you to speak kind words over us, because the world hates us. The world tries to oppress women all over the planet, yes, your very daughters. We need you to protect us. We need you to believe in us. We need you to find out who God is, and teach us about Him. We need you to show us that you love us. We need you to talk to us. We need to hear the tenderness that your voice can hold. We need to feel championed by you. We need you.

Dad, I love you. I miss you. You’re such a treasure.


*   “The more heaven invades earth, the more the earth will look like family.” – Jonathan David Helser


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