I heard this pretty cool thing the other day that Chris Llewellyn, the lead singer of The Rend Collective experiment said. He said “Seriousness is not a spiritual gift. It doesn’t make you spiritual or special. Joy on the other hand is a fruit of the Spirit, that’s what the bible teaches us. We need to pursue joy in the middle of all circumstances!”

When you truly think about it, it’s rather quite an awesome concept. Joy is a relational gift between the Father and His children, it has nothing to do with your circumstances. Happiness on the other end has everything to do with your circumstances. When you realize that you can have joy in every season of life [ disappointment, celebration, pain and happiness ] your whole perspective will change.

You are responsible for your joy! You are not necessarily responsible for your own happiness as some might say, because you aren’t always in control of all circumstances. You need to give it all when you’re anchoring your hope in something or someone, because that thing is going to define your joy. Fortunately, If you’re in the Father your hope is secure in the one person who can never be shaken, who will always be the same. He is always good and always perfect.

People don’t always realize that there really is an unseen world(realm) and that there really exists a clash between darkness and light. Jesus doesn’t cause sickness, pain or sin, but He uses it when the devil brings these things into the world. He makes all things beautiful when the enemy tries to kill and destroy. In these bad things that happen, we can have joy or we can have our joy restored, when we choose to hold to the rock of the ages, the perfect Father.

The Father calls us to co-labor with Him in destroying or undoing the works of the enemy. He wants us – His chosen children- to help Him. There will never be a day where He is uncertain of His chosen ones.

You are His chosen one, the loved son. His love for you never changes and it never will. He doesn’t go back on His promises and He is faithful to the end. He is Hope! He is love! He is God!

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