ISIS is one of the biggest threats if you turn on any local or international news station. It’s always the same: They just killed someone.

Here are a few reasons why I’m not afraid of ISIS and you shouldn’t be either:

  • ISIS gets it ‘s ultimate source of fear from the news station. It gets publicity every single time it appears in the media. This is how they stoke fear. As long as people are living in fear, they cannot see HOPE. This is exactly what ISIS is trying to do and they are succeeding! I’m very certain of it that once the media STOP giving it the power, HOPE will rise again and the threat will decrease.
  • They can kill your body, but they cannot kill your soul. Your body is the only thing that will die when you get killed. If you know Jesus as your personal savior, everything will be okay!
  • The bible warns us against all these things, BUT it will not be the end. [Matthew 24:7]
  • Finally this is my favorite reason of all. If you are a believer this should be your comfort – As long as you are alive you live for Christ, and even if you die, you will be with Christ. If you die you will finally be home, where there is NO MORE PAIN AND SORROW. So why be afraid any longer? Don’t be a slave to fear.


Speak hope! Pray! Speak life! Live! Agree with Heaven! Heaven is stronger! Be Bold! Be Brave!

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