It’s 12:36 AM. I’m not really sure why I just woke up, but there’s this line I just can’t seem to get out of my head. Fear grips my heart and my soul awakes in an utterly painful panic attack. Only few minuets later I found out why my soul is in so much agony over this one thing. My future. My future lies in the balance, in the hands if you would, of a God that billions don’t even believe in. A scandalous cross.

I won’t say that it’s not a coincidence that the words I woke up with was this: “People can’t tell people about a Jesus when He’s still hanging on a cross.” I was rocked by this reality. If only we could live from His power, the Resurrection power. Yes, Jesus died for you on the cross, I’m not demeaning that at all, but what are you doing with what He did after the cross?

The incredibly scary part is that in a lot of people’s heads Jesus is still hanging on the cross. He rose. He rose. Oh how He rose. This doesn’t just apply for the evangelist, the prophet, the apostle, the pastor or the teacher. No my friend this reality applies for all, and it’s important for all. To be a believer in Jesus Christ means you are willing to do what Jesus did. He healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the leaper, and drove out demons. But for Him it didn’t just stop there, He preached the gospel wherever He went. This is what I’m talking about.

Preaching the gospel starts by relationship, love and power. You can’t talk about a God whom you have no relationship with. *Evangelism made simple: ‘Be yourself, and talk about the person(Jesus) you love.’* You can’t just try and give Jesus to people you have no relationship/connection with, because people want connection. Love and power go hand in hand. Jesus walked in both and through the Holy Spirit He empowers us to do exactly the same.

When you believe Jesus is still hanging on the cross, sometimes this believe is subtle but there, you can’t tell people the full gospel with authority. The boldness and fullness of Christ comes upon you when you believe in the Death and the Resurrection. When you’re in this place you can move in power and in love. Sometimes it just takes a simple encounter withe Love of Jesus to realize what you didn’t have before, but sometimes it’s in studying the scriptures.

The Hope of Glory came when the Veil was torn in two from the top to the bottom. When Jesus rose from the dead. This is our power, this is our strength.



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