ONE of my favorite things to do is be creative. I have this project running : The #mydearproject . It’s all about creating stuff. So today this blog will be about you giving yourself the permission to do abstract things.

I love painting, because it gives a language to the mind’s thoughts that didn’t exist before. You can also do way more with paint than you can with pencils. You can throw paint. You can finger-paint. You can paint normally. You can paint abstractly. You can basically decide if you want to create a masterpiece or a mess. It’s all up to you!

The important thing when creating abstract works of art is to NEVER LIMIT YOURSELF to what you know. You need to be okay with it to draw, color or paint outside of the lines. It’s not supposed to be perfect, so get over it.

A few guidelines on creating abstract art:

  • Choose a theme or choose to not have a theme : Try doing something new. Try working around a theme, or choose to not have a theme. When you choose a theme make sure you don’t limit yourself by the theme. Look at the theme from a different perspective a few times before starting. You need to have absolute freedom when creating. It will make you original and that’s actually what you want. YOU DON’T WANT TO BE A COPY.
  • Try throwing paint or bursting balloons full of paint : This will probably be a new idea for you if you are someone that don’t like a mess. Well I’ve got news for you; Artists make messes, so move yourself to a new paradigm and look past your mess. Look at the end result instead of the process.
  • Use your hands instead of a brush : You will have a lot of fun doing this. It’s exciting when you start moving the paint around in your hands. Give your canvass a few high-fives, it’s in need of some serious love.
  • Leave the paint on for a while and then spray it off with a shower head : Paint something and then leave it to try for about 2-3 hours. Then go to the bathroom and spray some of the paint off to create a vintage effect. You can then paint something over the other parts and you will get some super cool effect. It is totally worth it to try this.
  • Give yourself permission to do anything : You need TO CHOOSE to not limit yourself. Give yourself permission to not be afraid of making a mistake. It’s terrible to always do the same thing. Try something new every time. You have unlimited sources of creativity, so use it!

There is no right or wrong on creating abstract works. It is all about your heart and emotions, so let it out and STOP BEING AFRAID of how it will look. You might just undergo some serious healing in the process.

These are just some examples of my own stuff. You can do just about anything…

2013-01-30 17.46.15 love

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