These last few months I’ve been caught up in one of the most exciting adventures ever. Most of my friends already know that I’m moving to California late in August. While this is an incredibly exciting time for me, I also found myself to be quite emotional. That in itself is weird, because I don’t usually cry about things. This week I found myself on a couch in one of my favorite people on the planet’s home. I cried my eyes out about this move. For the first time I felt real and raw emotions about the feeling of home.

She told me something about Home, and it went something like this:

Home is not always so much about a place as it is about the people. Everyone wants a place that they can call Home, no matter where in the world they are. Then she told me that I have a Home and that it’s not going anywhere. She also said something uniquely profound about the fact that not a lot of people find this Home. In that moment my heart felt so loved that I just felt like crying even more.

As a third culture kid, I’ve always felt like a misfit, and that wasn’t always a bad thing.

Being a third culture kid has its advantages:
  • You get really good at making new friends, because you never settle in one place.
  • Having quite a diverse range of friends is always a bonus.
  • Your people skills develop faster than people who do not move/travel that often.
  • You never get caught up in racism.
  • Being a third culture kid also cultivates wanderlust.
  • It makes you braver to move forward, because you are so used to adapting.
  • You take risks and chase things even if it doesn’t logically make sense.
Being a third culture kid also has it’s downsides:
  • Feeling lonely quite often, since you don’t always have deep heart connections already in place.
  • Sometimes you can be between friends and still feel alone.
  • It also sucks, because you tend to be disappointed way more often than just a normal kid.
  • You take risks and chase things even if it doesn’t logically make sense.

All these things are either super awesome or super crappy, until you find a place where you actually feel like you belong. Like I told my friend, for the first time in my life I actually feel like I belong somewhere and the thought of leaving that behind and pursuing my destiny scares me. It doesn’t make sense to me. All my life I just wanted to travel to another place so that maybe I could fit in that locations little box and just feel like I belong.

BUT after hearing what she said about Home, my mind is confident and aligned completely with my heart. No matter where I go, I can always return and know that there is a House Home waiting for me. People who will always pray with me, no matter what our time difference may be. No matter how long we haven’t seen each other. I can go with full assurance that God knows what He is doing. He knows everything. And He knows me. (and yeah I’ve been crying all the way through typing this post)

I’m incredibly thankful for the people in my life right now. I’m incredibly thankful for the family. And I’m incredibly thankful for the fact that they’re not going anywhere…


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