Faith can be a very scary thing at times. We are faced with opportunities every single day. What are we going to choose? Which opportunity is the right one? Am I going to make a mistake if I jump? God please help!

All these questions involve an element of faith. All these questions involve an element of trust so deep that it can only be experienced through intimacy.

So since faith is such a great expression, what exactly is faith?

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

(Hebrews 11:1)

If you take this definition as the ultimate, then it means there will always be an element of uncertainty, an opportunity for intimacy to grow, and an outcome for a hopeful future.

Babe, what if you fall? But Honey what if I fly?

Sometimes faith can be easy, but mostly the things that require faith challenge us to our core. I’m thinking about the situation I’m in currently. Faith in the Lord always produces peace. If you are not experiencing peace in the process of your faith increasing, then you should re-evaluate if what you are hearing or feeling is really from the Lord. With that said, I’m not saying there will not be times where you may feel a little anxious at how big the tasks are, or your inability to do them. I’m simply saying that the overall fruit faith produces should be peace and rest.

Faith always produces good fruit.

Look at the season you are in. If this season is producing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness or self-control, you’re actually doing really good. That’s the whole point of it. The Bible clearly tells us that the world will know us by our fruit. And ultimately it is the Lord who, when we surrender to Him, will produce the fruit in us. It truly only happens when we abide in Him.

It’s not our job to produce fruit, but it is our responsibility to remain in Jesus.

Faith is always accompanied by hope.

Faith is a steadfast hope in the things we don’t yet see. Again all of this is a process. Hope starts with a small seed called “suffering.” Suffering produces endurance. In turn endurance produces character. In the end character produces HOPE, and hope never ever disappoints us. Things may not turn out the way we thought they would, but in the end it’s always good.

“There is no future in evil, only in good.” –Phillip Yancey

I honestly think one of the most beautiful things produced when we steward the process of faith well, is a deeper value for relationship with the Lord. You get to a place where you trust Him. Where you get to know His heart and then trust His intentions. I’m certain, and also living proof of the fact that it is possible to want to know God’s heart more than seeing His hand. (I’m not saying I don’t want to see His hand, I’m just saying I want to know His heart more.)

“In the end, His heart is more important than His hand. In the end your heart is more valuable than your ministry.” – OhsnapitsJacks

Lastly, I think that if things doesn’t work out as you’ve hoped for, how you handle that is really important. I can’t say this of every situation I’ve ever faced, because I’m constantly learning and growing. But how we handle situations that didn’t work out the way we thought, is more important than how we much we celebrate when they do go the way we thought. (Not discarding celebration. If you know me, I’m all about celebration.)

If your season is producing the fruit of the Spirit, you are doing great. Keep going. You’re allowed to cry. You have permission to scream. You may be frustrated. BUT you are not allowed to give up.



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