It’s really easy for us as human beings to shove how we feel aside. It’s easy to isolate ourselves when we need help the most. Community, what is that even?

When you’ve grown up with the mentality of I need to be independent to be successful, this post is probably for you.

There comes a time in every person’s life where they are in need. This need can look like a lot of different things. It can vary from emotional to physical needs, and it can even include financial needs. I’ve come to the conclusion that asking for help can be incredibly hard when you live with a mindset of independence, but it’s even harder to receive when you live in this mindset.

I have found 3 very easy ways to get out of this mindset:

Ask the questions you would normally not ask.

Ask for help. No matter what you’re asking, just ask. A very BIG part of the reason you don’t want to ask that very question, is possibly because you’re struggling with rejection and you just don’t want to get hurt. If this thought makes you feel anxious, then just push through that anxiety and do it. The reward is greater than the regret will ever be. You will learn that it’s actually not that hard to ask questions and that you actually do control the conversation.

Let people help you.

For you it might be easy to do the first way. You may find it really easy to ask for help. You may even be really good at asking, but when it comes to receiving (sometimes when asking, and sometimes just as a gift), you may feel like you’re really bad at it. You may feel guilty or shameful, but just to let you know, you’re neither shamed or being should’d at! It’s okay to feel that way! That’s where you’re at in your journey of choosing community rather than independence. Independence tends to isolate us and we can feel depressed without the deep vulnerability of community. So just embrace it! Swallow your pride, and just receive the help. What do you have to lose? What you do with this moment changes everything…

Build healthy community around you.

You choose who you are and what you believe. You have the responsibility to yourself and to those around you to be a healthy person. Healthy people build others up and are generally fun to be around. When we have healthy community around us it’s easy for us to expose lies that we might believe. It’s easy to receive, and it’s easy to ask. Your community is your practice zone for the world. Healthy community creates a safe place to explore, to grow, to feel, and to learn how to do the very things that will launch you into your destiny.

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