30 days is such a short period of time. 30 days from now, I’ll be sitting on a plane, but not just any plane. This is a very specific plane, one that leads me straight to the heart of California. This is the place where I will be making my home for the next 302 days.

Moving out to California is not just a big dream, but it also happens to be the place where the “Dream Big” movement in my heart seems to be revived. Never in my life did I actually think that things would get to the place where I would actually be able to do what I’ve been dreaming of doing. It’s so easy to forget sometimes that God really wants us to prosper and that He wants us to succeed, that we just put of good dreams and say they are just too Big. The truth is we are just too scared to move forward.

This process of going out to school in Redding, California has lead me to meet Heather Boersma. She has this really cool vision in life of dreaming BIG. I checked out some of her stuff up on youtube and also on her blog and I was tremendously encouraged. Not only did she somehow succeed in getting me to dream about those dreams that I’ve put aside, but somehow since I’ve been dreaming again I feel like a way more positive person.

Okay so now that the coolest part of the post is over, I can probably start saying how my emotions are totally mixed up. I feel super overwhelmed. This is the first thing in my life that I’m really doing for myself and myself only, but it’s also the first time I’m going away from home for more than 3 weeks, let alone saying it’s almost 24 000km away from home.

Moving to California includes sweet sweet new friends. A new little apartment with roommates. Mountains, lakes and trees everywhere. More Geocaches than I can count ( yeah I’m a cacher). New things. A busy schedule. Starbucks Coffee, which by the way would be the first time for this little South African heart. And flying 24 000km’s.

This sounds awesome right?! Now the waiting time isn’t so awesome. I have to say goodbye for a while to some amazing friends and then a family that’s been built up over these last 2 years. Family that you can’t just let go that easily. I’m captivated by the beauty of their constant encouragements, but I’m also a tad sad that they have to kinda stay behind for a while.

I do want to ask you to pray over specific things for me as you go about.

  • Firstly I would like you to pray for an easy adaptation to culture once I arrive.
  • Pray for dreams to be created and a stepping into destiny like never before.
  • Pray for fear to be uprooted.
  • Pray for love encounters.

If you want to know more about my journey and how I’m doing you could just go to the contact page/leave feedback page. You can also just leave a reply here on this post down in the comments box if you want it to be seen by the public. If you are interested in helping me out in any way you can also do that by letting me know the same way. I will keep on doing updates as I progress in this journey.

Thanks yall,

Love Jackie-Lee


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