We’ve all seen the news. We’ve all experienced the effects to some degree. Black Lives Matter. It pops up on every search engine and is the number one trending topic. As a white person I have some things to say about it.

I thought I’ll list some of my thoughts and believes about this topic. It may help bring some clarity to many people who have no idea what the heart issue behind the violence is. I however do not take side, but I am making a stand for justice and righteousness. It is incredibly important to realize that integrity is intentional. Standing up for something is intentional.

Thought and beliefs on Black Lives Matter:

  1. Violence isn’t key. Love conquers all. It sound so cliché, but the truth is that violence only stoke more violence. An example of this is the ‘Dallas shootings.’
  2. Taking sides isn’t going to help anyone. People are people. Sometimes white people make mistakes. Sometimes black people make mistakes. Of course this cause a lot of pain to the affected. I pray peace in the storm right now.
  3.  I don’t believe in Racism. Some of my best friends are black. I love black people just as much. I can’t believe that our generation are still holding on to some racial inequality from the past.
  4. As someone from South Africa I understand completely what people are going through. We may not have as much shootings, but we do have riots, murders and incredible destruction.
  5.  We have got to strive to be part of the solution, not the problem. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This is so crucial to the healing of America. To the healing of South Africa. I’ve lived in both countries and my heart breaks for both.
  6.  If people start thinking about having grace for others, there will come a shift in the way aggression is trying to ruin these nations.
  7.  Black and white people are equal. I refuse to participate in an eschatology that belittle’s, devalues or judges black or white people based on race. I believe in a God who died for the nations, if you want to make this religious. The key to the nations is  the nations.
  8.  Let love win.
  9.  I do have one thing against a Black Lives Matter philosophy, because it creates space for racism. Rather ALL LIVES MATTER. Unborn Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter and White Lives Matter. PINK LIVES MATTER and YELLOW LIVES MATTER. ALL LIVES MATTER AND SHOULD BE CELEBRATED!

  10.  America, wake up, you aren’t called the land of the free and the brave for nothing. Fight for freedom. Fight for connection. Fight for peace.

‘Murica! I love you! I promise I always will. May your hearts be warm with love. Black people I’m sorry that people thought they have right to devalue you. I grieve with you. I cannot even imagine how it must feel. I pray that your hearts may be comforted. I pray out of an earnest heart that you will feel loved. I pray that racial discrimination will come to an end in this generation.

I am willing to fight with you. BUT I am fighting the right way and I refuse to use violence, whether that is through physical, emotional or verbal abuse. I refuse to participate in discrimination. I choose to uplift all people of all color and nationality. I choose grace. I choose love. (It’s important to realize that love is a choice.) I choose peace. I will fight for connection, love and freedom.

God bless America and God bless South Africa.

ColorBlind – Bouwer Bosch

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