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Hey my name is Jackie-Lee Bam. I’m passionate about fighting Human Trafficking. Showing people how every single person can help achieve the goal of freedom for those who are affected by it makes my heart beat faster. The truth is a bunch of people have no idea that they can make small simple changes that can bring a bunch of freedom to people that they may never even meet.

Leaving a legacy instead of just simply starting another ministry is a process I’m fully committed to. To me it’s really important to start something sustainable. Let’s say for instance I start a ministry fighting human trafficking, then it should have a lasting impact. Learning, leading and training others to become fully themselves is what I’m all about. Also encouraging others to become the best them possible. I believe in powerful people, BUT I want to be know as someone who ushers people into becoming even more powerful than me. I believe in freedom and responsibility and because of that I’ve instilled certain core values in my life. Accountability, love, grace and freedom are only 4 of these powerfully complex values. I will have posts from time to time about my core values on certain topics.

I am a powerful woman, but so is the next woman who steps into the room. So is the next man who steps into the room. We have got to start celebrating people and invest in bring the most power out of each other, because honestly, POWERFUL PEOPLE CHANGE THE WORLD. You’ve guessed right. I love encouraging and empowering people and I try and implement this in my daily life, wherever I go.


Qualified TEFL teacher. Assistant Art Therapist. CPR and First AID 😉 BSSM Alumni, Cyber Security and Forensic Psychology Student.

About me:

Aspiring … •  • 21 • Professional Hi5’er • Blogger • Muso/Writer • Awkward Dubstep • Cute • Sometimes I stand…


Psalm 103:6





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