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For a really long time now I’ve been in the battle of wanting to do all those “girly girl” stuff like always wearing some cool nail polish, having cool hairstyles (I’m not really into puff, but anything else basically), dressing up just because you can, doing some make up (not a lot tho) and going for a glass of wine and pizza with your best friend just because you feel like  it.


I struggled with it because I thought you had to dress a certain way to accomplish this, hangout with a specific type of people and always make sure you’re on top of the latest fashions. Well I didn’t have time for that. I was all into business and I didn’t really care about any other blog or tweet than a business one.


Recently that changed, because of that black dress in the photo up top. I went into Factorie, basically because I was already late and didn’t have anything proper with me to wear for that evening. As I entered the store my eyes immediately locked on the dress. I don’t think I brought anything else that evening. My outlook on life changed right there.


I realized that I will always be a “wannabe girly girl” , because I’m not up for all those fashion stuff. But I started loving all those stuff in the everyday moments of life by just looking at a simple flower. That by itself is already pretty fashionable.


funny hey…

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