Friends, thousands of them. But only one took the time to really stop and listen.

Today about 3 years ago, i met a person. She happened to turn into a friend, who happened to turn into a heart friend.

When i first met her I didn’t really think that we would be friends, really I thought she was a bit weird ( she won’t mind me saying that,cause she still thinks I am weird?), but one night she called and I wasn’t sure if I should answer, because I was learning a new song on piano and I’m quite awkward on the phone, but I answered.

I’m glad I did!

After that night she did something amazing and I really honor her for that. She took the time to get to know me. It’s something that I really needed at the time. Like a big sis if I can put it like that. I remember a few times where we just walked and talked, or sat and talked or sang and talked. There was a lot of talking and a lot of weird times too. Times where I felt like she hated me and times where she wasn’t one of my favorite people.

It’s like that song ‘Know I’ll always love you, but right now I just don’t like you’. I remember a day at the beginning of this year where we sat outside one Wednesday afternoon and she said to me ‘Jacks ek het jou lief’ and I was just like yeah me too, but when she said it again, I realized that she was really meaning this for now, for in the moment. And it really changed me!

I know that we chose to love, because even in the bad times everything was still okay! The good times, the bad times, she was there! She is there!

I believe in her! I believe that she has a legacy! I know that no matter how hard life hits her, she’ll stand firm, cause she’s covered! I know that nothing can separate her from His heart and I know that she is truly awesome!

I love you dearly Squishy!
You are awesome

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