In one of my previous posts [ ] I wrote about Why it’s not okay to be passive. I mentioned finding your song and singing it out loud. I’ve been asked to explain this concept a little more in detail.

Finding your song and singing it out loud is not so much about you actually writing a song and singing it. It actually means something way different. Finding your song means identifying you strengths and abilities and knowing your passions. When you know why you are on earth life becomes way more exciting. Singing it out loud means you will use your passions, strengths and abilities to influence others to do the same by knowing who you are. A person who is passionate and lives it out is one of the most attractive things you can find.


Here’s 6 tips on how to do this successfully.

  1. Take some time to find out what you really want in life. Take time and be thorough when you investigate yourself to find your strengths and abilities. Even if you take a few months, it’s okay! Write the things down so that you can remember them, or record them on a voice memo. This will be very important.
  2. Stop being so afraid of messing up. “Dare to suck” It’s super liberating to try out every idea. I’m not saying that all your ideas are going to be good, but why not try some of them. Try something new or do something you’ve always wanted to do. It might be your best move and you might just be really good at it. It might even be difficult, but who knows, you might just set a new trend.
  3. Find some people who you can trust with your stuff. You are absolutely no fun to be around when you are bottling everything up. Once you’ve found a trustworthy person, you will already feel some weight lifting from your shoulders. I would advice spending quality time and investing in intimacy, rather than just exchanging information. Intimacy helps, because the person actually cares about your heart and they want to help you. They don’t have to, BUT they WANT to.
  4. Chase your dreams. No one has ever succeeded without chasing their dreams. Before you can chase your dream, you have to actually know what your dream is. So invest time and start dreaming again. Dream BIG! Dream HUGE! Have no limit to your dreams. Once you know what your dreams are make sure they will bring life and hope to others. If you see that it’s going to hurt people shift away from it and dream up some new dreams. You have endless sources of creativity inside you, because the most creative guy in the world invented you and placed His DNA inside you. So there is a lot of dreams that can come from you.
  5. LIVE OUT LOUD and DON’T HAVE SECRETS. when you have secrets you will always have to hide in front of people and because you are hiding, you can’t possibly be yourself. Being yourself fully all of the time is one of the most free places ever. Strive to live in that space. Having secrets also cause you to lie and that sucks because it breaks trust and relationships. So rather humiliate yourself for a few seconds than live a lie for the rest of your life.
  6. Again don’t be afraid to mess up. We all mess up. You can’t escape it. So just keep going, keep your head held high. Know that no matter what happens there will always be a way out. There will always be another turn. There will always be another opportunity, unless you’re dead. BUT as long as you’re breathing, you’re okay!

You probably heard this cliche before in math or something. “If it’s easy, you’re probably doing it wrong.” That is true for life too. There’s always hope.

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