Over the last couple years I’ve learned a bunch of different things, that has caused me to form certain beliefs. I believe that we can effectively stop human trafficking and sex slavery by cutting the root causes of these industries. We can fully restore people’s lives if we are willing to go the extra mile. I believe that with God nothing is impossible.

My heart behind 21acts_of_love:

I’m interested in solving the root causes. With that said, therefore work on the prevention part of Human Trafficking. One of the biggest contributing factors to sex slavery is the porn industry, and therefore you can’t really exclude masturbation and other sexual issues.

There are ways to solve this issues and I would like to invite you on a journey with me on discovering how we can bring freedom to people who deserve freedom as much as we do, because we are powerful and what we believe changes the world. If you think about it, you don’t have to belong to a religion to know this is wrong. Every person, deep even if deep inside of them, have a desire for freedom. I promise you, if you have it, chances are everyone does. We should stand up and place ourselves, figuratively speaking, in the shoes of those who are enslaved and/or trafficked and fight for the one’s we love and the one’s who cannot fight for themselves.

I believe with all my heart that human trafficking and slavery is not okay. Our generation can bring an end to human trafficking. I am and will continue to fight to see an end to this inhuman activity. It’s not going to end by one persons actions, but by a generation choosing love above all else. Choosing to fight for the people you love and for the people who cannot fight for themselves.

Come along friends, let love win!



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