Somewhere far above the North pole I was staring out of the airplane window, watching the “sunset” when suddenly I was hit with Β the realization that “I’m done.” This wasn’t in a “I give up” sense, but I was on the way back home, after two years of living in the United States; ‘The Land of the Free and The Brave.’ As my emotions was running on the rather high side, I started pondering the things I’ve learned in life. At the moment it didn’t seem very profound, but a week later as I read through them, I realized that these were actually pretty solid foundation blocks.

* Some of what I’m about to share with you is directly for me. I’ve learned these things through my personal relationship with God, and therefore it can’t necessarily be universally applied. It’s important that you actually take them to God. If you don’t believe in God, then this disclaimer obviously doesn’t matter to you.

So here it goes: 21 Things I’ve learned after twenty-one years of life.

1. Just because something is suggested (whether thoughts, emotions or actions) doesn’t mean you have to partner with it. You get to choose and decide who you wanna be regardless of situations and circumstances. Knowing the answer to who you want to be will triumph over what you want to be.

2. In leadership you always go first. If you want to be a leader you go first no matter how uncomfortable or stretching it is.

3. Don’t expect to always understand in 5 minutes and transition in 10 minutes. Give yourself Grace. It took you an adventure to get where you are now, expect one to get to the next place. (Beautiful advice by the one and only Carrie Lloyd)

4. Love will always triumph over fear. Choices always comes down to love and fear, not good and bad, or wrong and right.

5. When you lose your grip on your dreams and visions, chances are you’ll actually trust the Lord. “He’s bigger than you think exceedingly, abundantly.” He has a purpose for your life and he has a million plans to get you there. You cannot screw it up. If you make the wrong choice or choose the wrong opportunity it’ll prepare you regardless, if you give yourself to God’s process. He wastes nothing, He gets you ready.

6. You cannot punish people into purity. You can only show them. Modeling purity will accomplish way more than rules ever will.

7. Building a foundation on disappointment will cause you to doubt and become bitter. Foundations built on hope always leads to expectation.

8. God is so, so, so much bigger than we think, and it’s incredible when you get to ask people the facets that they are discovering of God, because it’s different for everyone.

9. Letting go is way scarier, faster, easier and more filled with promise then you’ll probably originally think. πŸ™‚ You are being thrown into God all the time, which means it’s 100% NOT up to your ability but His.

10. Making assumptions is not asking questions. Assumptions can/will mostly lead to pain and disappointment.

11. We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.

12. Intimacy with God cultivates the fruit of the spirit, and that is attractive to the world around us. Pursue this, protect it with your life. The secret place will sustain you when there’d no one around you.

13. If it costs you your peace it’s too expensive.

14. Anger and manipulation is great tools for getting your voice heard, but you know how to communicate now. You have great communication that perfectly makes your voice heard and known. πŸ™‚

15. “Busyness is artificial significance. Protect your peace. Stay aware of His presence. Live from the anointing. Trust the anointing.” – Bill Johnson

16. Find like-hearted people, people who run after God with you with all of them. People that’ll slap you with a wet Kipper when they see you missing out on God, for whatever reason. Always stay connected never isolate.

17. Find something to give your life to and serve well. Serve with all your heart, because the Kingdom of God is about servanthood.

18. God is faithful even when we are faithless, because He always remains true to His nature. His nature is rooted in goodness, kindness, peace, faithfulness, self-control, love.

19. If you yield to the process that God is doing inside of you instead of resisting it, it’ll go way faster and be less painful. Yielding to God means trusting God.

20. Silence isn’t an excuse to disconnect, but rather an invitation for connection. Without silence there is no sound.

21. Let Him be your first response to every thing. Because in Him you live, move and have your being.

I hope that this will encourage you to dig through your own heart and write down the things that you’ve learned, because they are powerful reminders in the future.


All my love,


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