Very recently I went through a mugging situation, thank God for the outcome of it. On my way home from a long, but very successful day at work, filled with hope and excitement, ready to watch a movie with one of my best friends, my car was ambushed from the side, by a man.

I honestly had no idea what was happening, even though I was fully in the present. I thought the man wanted money, because in South Africa it’s very common for people to be on the corners of streets or at traffic lights, where I happened to be stationed at that point, asking for money. The moment the words, “I’m gonna shoot you” left his mouth, I was 100%  in the reality of what was happening. This man was there for one thing, and one thing only: my phone or my life!

Everything happened extremely fast.

As I grew up, my dad always taught me, you rather give your material possessions away, because rarely are these people bluffing. So in my head two thoughts were happening: Give him the phone, and the other, get away from here. As I was getting the phone, my other foot just pushed on the gas peddle, I honestly wasn’t looking if the cars in front of me had moved. I am also pretty sure that, that instinct came from God and I wasn’t aware that I even pushed the gas peddle, until my car drove away and I saw the man only in the mirror.

Why am I telling you this story?

I drove home traumatized, crying my eyes out.  I talked with my best friend about it, but no matter how much talking or distraction happened, I was left with this scene very vividly in my mind. Unwillingly my conscious became very aware of what was going on in my subconscious.

Just before midnight I laid down to process this with God. It was very real and very raw. I asked hard questions, but got gentle answers. I came with frustration, fear and hopelessness, but left with forgiveness and a picture of this man through the eyes of God.

Now, I’m not at all saying what he did was okay, but God is bigger than our situations. Our experiences are finite and confined, but God is infinite, unconfined and ultimately the only person that can heal and handle our mess.

The one big thing that God told me was that, I could let this try to steal my hope and my peace, but it will not be successful, because I have fought for those. The enemy cannot steal from you what he never gave you. He cannot steal from you what you have fought for. You can give it away, but he cannot steal it.

Did you hear me?

The enemy cannot steal your hope.

The enemy cannot steal your peace.

The enemy cannot steal your joy.

You have the choice of giving it away to him, or sitting with God in hard situations, to find yourself. He is safety, and he will protect you. In his fatherly wisdom, he will guide you through any amount of trauma and heartache.

Now this is gonna take some work from your side;

You actually have to sit with Him, and watch Him transform you in His love. This will be uncomfortable, but healing has never been a comfortable process. The fruit however, you will turn out to become the person you were created to be. You will be healed. The joy that will explode from within you will be sustained by the breath of God himself. This place of sitting with God will illuminate shame and obliterate it. Guilt will evaporate. Who you thought you were, and who you were created to be will meet each other, and come up with a plan on how to get you there. You will actually encounter God, and not just an image of him, or theory somewhere far off. If you sit with him, you will hear Him. He is not just for some.

Walls crumble in the presence of God, and He wants to encounter your heart more than you want Him to.

The enemy cannot steal what you fought for, he cannot steal what he never gave you. You can give it away to him, but remember you are not a victim to him. He has already been defeated. Your peace, love, joy and hope, is yours, hold on to it. You have hope because God said so.

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