In seasons where the world “seems” to get worse and darker, there is a different truth than the newspaper is selling you. The President, New World Order, Racism, ISIS, Feminism, Abortion, Human Trafficking, Natural Disasters… The list could literally go on forever. What if there was a different option than terror and horror. HOPE.


"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear." – President Snow (The Hunger Games)

We do have a different option, and it is not based on what you see when you open your iPhone’s news tab. It is not based on what you read on social media this morning. And it is definitely not affected by all the dangers and brokenness we face on a daily basis. Our systems are broken because they do not focus on good, hope or positivity. Why? Positivity doesn’t sell like disaster and negativity. But, what if we could change that??

What if we could become the most effective people on the planet? What if we could change the world, because we have hope? What if our children don’t have to face the world as we do, because we fixed the system? I believe it is possible. I believe we as millennials will see it happen, and it’ll happen soon.


So how do we obtain this goal of HOPE?

I believe there are several ways to go about this topic. We could even go into a debate about some of these spheres, but that’s not the point. The point is to find a common goal and work towards that. The goal is unity in an independent world.


  1. Thankfulness and gratitude: I found this really great app/( They also have a book), The 5 minute journal. Thankfulness and gratitude always put you in a position to see the best in every situation. It also makes you more positive and happy. This is truly what we need. Positivity and happiness always leads to laughter and fun in our lives. “Laughter is like medicine for the soul.”
  2. Change the demand: Newspapers flourish on demand. They sell what the public wants. Your voice is powerful and you can make a difference in the amount of positive or negative columns that appear in newspapers or online magazines.
  3. Dream the impossible: Dream big and don’t settle for the average. Not only will you well up positivity in your own heart, but you will encourage everyone around you. In reality that alone changes the world of at least someone.


Having hope will not necessarily exempt you from disappointment, but it will increase your happiness and joy in life. Your satisfaction with your life will increase. And in that context, hope will not disappoint your heart. 2017 Is the year to start hoping again.


Will you hope?

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