At the beginning of the year I really wondered what my motto will be this year. I’m not really good at the whole idea of having a motto, but I feel that it is vitally important to have one. SO my motto for this year is that ” NOBODY wins, until EVERYBODY crosses the finish line.

What does this mean?

When we go into a relationship with God, something happens in our hearts. We tend to get less selfish when we let Him transform our minds. He then comes and gives us a Heaven vision where we start seeing His dreams and plans. He comes to give us perspective into our daily life, so that we can impact the people around us.

In relationship with Jesus, Nobody wins the full reward of heaven until everyone is helped across the finish line. That is why we cannot go a single day further without knowing that we get to help in this process. This will ultimately define your involvement.

THIS  is why I go out with people on coffee dates.

THIS is why I pray with people.

THIS is why I create.

THIS is why I love.

THIS is who I am.


God created us to need each other in a beautiful way. The most beautiful way, called community. There are so much power in the relationships that we build, that is why we should choose wisely.

Because God loves you, you have a choice.

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